Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anomar's Insight

Spoke with a beautiful yet intelligent young lady yesterday, she is one of the leaders at her company, drives one of the latest Benz as well as graduated from one of the most prestigious colleges known to man so I was a little bit shocked but honored when she was in need of my advice. She told me that she has a lot of great outfits but has no place to where them to but is waiting on her fiance to take her out. The conversation went on and she explained a little bit more saying if she was to go out she doesn't like being stared at and if she was  the center of attention she would feel like something was wrong with her outfit or herself . Finally she ended with saying if her fiance were to purchase something for her and she didn't like it she would either tell him she doesn't like the purchase, return  or just not use it, like the make-up he'd not long ago given her as a gift.... no she didn't return it... but went on to explain that it will never be worn because shes not a girly girl that puts on make-up not even to be worn in the house.

Everyone needs Advice

If he works step up sometimes
Waiting is not an option

Being looked at is not always being the center of attention
its called being noticed its ok to indulge a little

Its true they don't get it right all the time

Make-up is very sexy when applied right
Have you ever stopped to think it might not just be a gift for you
but also for his eye sight

Anomar Style

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