Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July

North Market Place Boston,Ma 02109

With a friend I went to Boston, caught a cab ride ,stopped at the mall walked over cobbled stone looking for style unknown ,came across a hundred ways to wear a dress note to the brain..... impressed.
I even took some pics inside of Nine West, but that's not what caught my interest. I wanted something deep, deep within something special like Fenway Park's old score board or Babe Ruth and what he had meant to them. So I walked  until I came across Michal Negrin, a classic sight for the eye... lovers... vintage trend.
At 7pm a sight to see as a crowd swarmed in to catch a peek, on a ladder he stood almost ten feet. The children sat and laughed while parents watched as this entertainer was unique. With yellow flowers he had tricks, eye treats... very original but I can't stop here cause there's so much more to see.
By 8pm I felt like a Celtics fan in Urban Outfitters when I found a shirt that read
 "Barack Obama four more years"
 Bostons glad our President's a Harvard grad.
Half an hour before nine I needed to see how travelers like me get around to have a good time. Ghost & Gravestone set along side a pole like the Red Sox seats were filled multiples... if an outsider not anymore, you now feel like you are apart of their world.
9pm continued my walk noticed ships were docked, white with blue stripes sailors, 7 Eleven ,candy, soda and chips they brought. Followed one he took me to Sealegs where over top hung our national flag in amazement my heart beat pumped wishing everyone can take the time to view this breathless yet timeless moment.
By 10pm things start to change restaurants begin to close bars stayed open lovers became closer. As they walk the moonlight reflects off Boston Harbors waters, which will eventually connect into the Atlantic Ocean. I recommend Boston as a great place for families, couples and friends.

Anomar Style
Chin up Now Walk

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