Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quantum Leap

Hey Barbie find Ken... tell him the dictionary should have been your best best friend...Sliding down poles took Barbie head off when I was 6yrs old threw her in the closet told ma I rather run for the U.S. Gold.. Focused since Davy & Edison turned the light switch on ...Dad couldn't control me I was too far gone... Dare you to catch me strap your Nike's on...? Flush you down the sewer where the feces belong. This is a gift by nature (Naughty) while you needed someone to create you... silence is deadly best bet is to give me a song... now pass me my helmet while I turn the bike on. Respect to Kim and Foxy style now deaf tone; pardon self Anomar now attaching the vest... engine full gage, attitude rage... time to put this animal in its cage...


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