Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anomar's Insight

This might hit home for most..... understanding from a view point (window).

Part 1

While leaving a Thanksgiving holiday family function a young man asked for a ride, to be honest usually it would be "No" no with the emphasis on it.... not cause I don't want to but gas cost and the driving leg with heels always starts to lean first, yet I found myself turning right onto Gibson Street.  I was able to glance over and catch the look of sadness in his eyes. Silent Night by the Temptations was on the radio (2nd verse).  Always my household favorite I was hoping it would cheer him up so I turned the volume up and started to sing , he turned it down and replied he's been dating this lady for 9 months  and she has a 2yr old daughter so he was thinking they would spend their first holiday together.  Instead she insisted on going to her ex's house because the ex's mother had invited her. Joyful that it wasn't my voice that had sickened him I continued to listen ,but from the body language to the tone in his voice I could read she had left. Last right onto Union Ave four houses away from his destination was the best part of it all , he went on to say her ex is not the child's father but has been in the child's life since she was a week old . Through the venting it had him questioning himself as a man,  he explained his love for the child and her, how nauseous the situation was making his stomach feel and that he has no kids. He has been dating her the past 9 months and things have been great,  he had thought she felt the same way about him. By being so detailed it helped me come to grips with his internal / external issues . Now just so its clear she left for a week and a half , I know the ending to this story but I want you to think of your own conclusion to this unfinished end.

Style 1
If you have an ex there's a reason why they're your ex.

Style 2
Establish where you stand before things get serious, (conversation and listening plays a very important part in all relationships).

Style 3
A real woman will not leave her man on any day to be with another man and his family "especially on the holiday".

Style 4
 Love is not one sided ( If you have to question yourself why not question the whole relationship).

Style 5
You don't have her point of view ( remember you are drawing your own conclusion).

Anomar Style

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