Monday, June 3, 2013

A Chapter In Time Caught With A Lens Eye

Memorial Day 2013 Mount Vernon, NY

 Onlookers anticipate to see family and friends.

While city protectors show us they honor
what they do.
Nature background for our flag

But also learning the water is Voted the Best

Cabrini High School with great line coordination.

Veterans walk proud.

A community marcher is all ears with smiles.

A great picture moment.


 Mount Vernon Youth Department marched
with pride

Every vote counts is held by a young child

Scouts love what they do best.

Alpha Stars Cheerleaders battle it out right vs. left

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority sends a message.
RazorBacks ready to charge
Columbus School Principal Marches in all white with his band

Arts and Sports

 Music came from above

Big Red

A Part Of Life.

Happy Memorial Day

 By: Ramona Lester




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