Monday, April 21, 2014

Did you learn or were you born with your attitude ?

Is positive attitude learned or is one born with it?
         Yes I believe that positive attitude is learned. My strongest reason being is from the time a child is in its mothers womb the human mind is learning while it's developing. The second reason would be after a child is born he or she is taught how to eat, walk, talk and most of all right from wrong. My third reason is observation, we all see with our eyes, listen with our ears but there's a special part of your brain that absorbs what you've seen and heard.
I was taught my positive attitude. While a child is growing in its mother's womb he or she is learning patterns not only from its mom but from the environment surrounding its mom. A child doesn't know what's good or bad unless it's shown. Visual activity and hearing are both connected with the brains memory found in the temporal lobe.
Although we are taught our positive attitude it is up to the person if he or she would use it within everyday functions. No person is born with a positive attitude because we are all born naked. This is why I believe positive attitude is learned.
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