Monday, June 23, 2014

Anomar's Insight

Conversation Phone Pick Up

   The most unexpected thing happened the other day while shopping. I would like to call it conversation phone pick up. You're laughing or asking yourself why conversation phone pick up? Take a seat because this is going to be certified juicy.

While on the checkout line in desperate need of items for the household someone phone rang. A young lady answered she was very chipper and very much in love because of the repetitive I love you to the other person on the other end of the phone. Still waiting to checkout I grabbed a magazine with all the latest scoop but my attention was caught by the bell you know the bell that rings when you walk into a store.

 By reaction I looked over and it was a very attractive man walking over to the very chipper young lady that was on the phone just minutes ago. I could hear Mr. Attractive ask her when could they go out for another date? "She replied soon" his questions continued with when are you going to leave your man (she laughed)? So what dude has a better job than me and who cares that you live with him. We go out to lunch everyday and I bet you don't tell him that? She replies " No, you know I can't just leave him."

 Mr. Attractive starts telling her how beautiful she is while reassuring her that she knows how long he's been trying to get with her, so she needs to stop playing games because she's not in love with the guy she's dating. By this time I notice that the once chipper not so chipper young lady now was an employee of the store. I had only two more customers ahead of me and the magazine I was holding is now just a front, but I didn't care I made flipping the pages look good. It was just my luck that when I looked up Mr. Attractive started asking me what do I think. Pretending I missed all of what was going on around me I placed my eyes attention back on the magazine.

Mr. Attractive started walking over towards me great just what I didn't want him to do, but knew he would, so I started preparing my straight face emotion you know that I'm busy who the (pick a four letter word) are you face. Yes, that face. There was only three steps between us and I'm not sure if it was my straight face, or just him being nice, but he chose the right introduction to start off the conversation by saying " hi I don't want to bother you, but you look like a nice female and I would like a female opinion. Don't you think she should just leave her man, she don't love him and so what he has more money then me. I mean she's only with him cause he helps pay the bills, but I can do that if she just let me. I take her out everyday for lunch and we just went dancing the other night."

Quickly I said I don't understand what your talking about as I moved up in line. Mr. Attractive moved with me then he started to explain the outline of his issues, not knowing I clearly understood it all. After he was done he asked me again don't you think she should just be with me. I felt the once chipper young lady eyes looking at me from the side, so I looked at her then him and asked did she say she was leaving her man for you? He replied "No" she just said she doesn't want to be in a relationship with him.

Anomar's Insight

1. Sometimes you must know your place friend, friend or just a friend.

2. If you are in that  just a friend category keep it moving. This is the type of person that doesn't understand the concept of social relation wants attention and lacks discipline. Which in the long run will show that this person displays deviant behavior patterns.

3. If you are in the first friend section you are never that thirsty this is because mobility of the brain with genetics and environment creates a person confidence which will carry over to his or her social structure within different social groups or social relationships. This person is sure of himself and because the other person is still involved will respectfully wait the relationship out while keeping himself in the picture.

4. If you are in the second friend section you are the observer not as confident, but thinks he or she is confident very opinionated, supportive yet knows his or her limits.

5. This is because the social dynamics were and are different between each friend category. Social enviorments and behaviors change all the time just find out what place you are in.

Best regards,
Anomar Style

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