Monday, June 30, 2014

Sam Swagger

Sam Swagger
Mount Vernon, Music Producer, Songwriter and Engineer.

Sam Swagger also known as Swag was born in the Saint Thomas, but has been a resident of Mount Vernon, New York over 15 years. Sam is the son of Dionysia and Mike Clovis and younger brother of two other siblings. Sam attended Mount Vernon High School where he had a teacher by the name of Mr. Adams he could look up to. Swagger was inspired by his teacher Mr. Adams building his very own studio that once stood right in the heart of the south side of Mount Vernon.

Shortly after Swagger was given the program Reasons to download by Spiffy a family friend. Spiffy taught Swagger how to use Reasons, brought him to the studio and gave him encouragement. After graduating from Mount Vernon High School in 2009 Swagger decided he would pursue his passion for music at Sail University majoring in The Science of Recording Art. Swagger and his father Mike Clovis built Swag's first studio out of their house where Swagger now does all of his creative work.

If you would like to find out how to reach Sam Swagger click on the link or check out the video below.

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