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R.Lester                                                                                                                                              9/17/14

What are the advantages of GMO?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Food that is created by scientist during the process of gene splicing, is called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering changes the genes, by changing the genes a person can change the look, shape, or taste of an organism. Animals, and the crops that you eat, are types of organisms. The ability to mutate most of today's foods, is very useful in the world that we live in. 

Apples, oranges, chicken, and beef are some of the most popular organisms that are genetically modified. Scientifically engineering food is a faster way of producing an item that is in high demand. The United States population is increasing very rapidly. Our nation increase in people has caused a need for more fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables. Genetically engineering is not just a want, but a need. It is a fact, every person does not approve genetically modified food. In some arguments people feel it's not healthy eating food created by scientists, because of the process in which the food is created. At times this can be caused by the under advantage of knowledge. Others think modification is good, and helpful to the community.

Realistically GMO is needed for a world that is over populated with people that all eat the same types of food. Weathering, climate change, pollution, and lack of farmers all play a part in the slowing down of the natural growth process. The stock market for GMO products will increase, because of its ability to produce, and supply more at a faster speed. Stock will decrease, if too much of an item is supplied past the demand, in some ways this is impossible to control. Population increasing at a faster rate causes investors to invest, which means every investor is investing in the same product GMO. The chances of a person making a huge profit off GMO is possible, if they have the most money and time put in.

Scientist are here to stay which means the study of splicing genes will be around for a long time. Our population will continue to increase which mean we will have to supply to the needs of the people. The investor will make money by doing what he does best investing and selling. The biggest advantage GMO has is its ability to supply to the demand of the people in a quicker rate. Not every country has a GMO lable displayed on its food packaging, what is your choice GMO or non-GMO?

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