Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hair Challenge

Hair Challenge!!

Ladies have you ever went to the salon for something simple, but it all went wrong?

How many ladies had to deal with going to the salon for a perm, and the stylist forgot to put the stabilizer in your hair during the washing process?

Who experienced walking into a salon, and it was more customers then hair stylist? I would say 1 to 10 customers. 

I know every lady had to deal with going to the salon early in the morning around breakfast time, and by the time you left it was dark, or it felt like dinner time.

How many ladies walked out the salon with a style, and realized the stylist left perm in your hair?

Natural hair ladies (no perm) how many times have you walked into a salon, and had to walk out cause the stylist can't, or just don't know how to do natural hair? 

Have you ever asked a stylist for a color hair rinse, but the rinse was all over your face or clothes?

How about the curlers or the blow dryer being too hot? 

Which lady or man had to handle a bad hair cut?

Short hair ladies how many times have you walked into a salon to do your hair, but found out the stylist can't really do short hair?

Long hair ladies how many time have you had a wash and set, but when you asked the stylist to wrap your hair they couldn't wrap?

How many people had to leave one barber shop, or hair salon to go to the next?

Are You The Best Stylist 
In the photo above it took 7 hours, two hair salons, and a conversation just to rinse and curl my hair, so I now challenge any hair salon, or barber shop I step in to top the time and the hair style above . The best salon will have a article written and salon posted on the front of Anomar Style blog page for 2 weeks.

For my readers email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram me at Anomar Style with a photo of your best hair style with the name of the salon, or barber shop where you did your hair, and your photo will be posted along with the name of your favorite salon or barber shop.

Viewers challenge your stylist, or barber on how well they can do your hair.

Stylist get your curlers up and barbers get your clippers ready cause you never know which salon I might be in next.

Best regards,
Anomar Style

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