Friday, October 3, 2014

The Underground Deposit

Now days big companies like to set up head quarters out of the country so they do not have to pay taxes but, charge our American people for the product or products that they sell. Is this fair to our people but also our country you would ask. No this is not fair because these are the same people that use our Police and  Fire Department services when needed drive on our streets and bridges even live very comfortable.
Now America is in the hole because of the loop hole. What we must do if a company is making profit off our people our American people and moving its head quarters  or already have its head quarters out of the country and want to set up bank accounts for its company here. The banks must now charge them a higher rate for its company's business  account and store locations ( if not the old companies start with the new companies that will try this).
How: We add the question ( Is your company head quarters out of the country) to the paperwork. If the owner replies yes we must request a copy of how much the company made Ly and Ytd also find out how much is the pricing of the highest  middle and lowest items to find the median of what this company sell and make. Average the price against Ly & Ytd after we check to make sure the numbers match the companies statements against the total number of product sold.
The banks will now apply a charge called TUD because your business is a risk to the American people being that the companies head quarters is out of the country.  The TUD fee will be as much or 85% as much of what a company would have to pay in taxes every year. We will say a ball park number of  150,000 or 85% of 150,000 which is 127,500 depending on location of the company head quarters.
This money will now go back to the government but kept in the banks called TUD The Underground Deposit. The money will be used only if our country is in need. TUD is a backup for the government so we the people do not fall short or in a crisis. You ask how is this going to help? Well we are surviving now while in the hole " Yes" times are hard but we make it work for us day to day. Now America will have this money coming in called TUD over time it will increase because it is not allowed to be touched which will also help TUD gain interest.
TUD account can only be used with the approval of myself Ramona Lester after speaking with my staff and the Supreme Court, if I can not fill this position it will be done by my sons, or who I feel can handle the job. Now the bank might charge us a fee but that's okay we don't mind because this is money that America never had before it is our missing money that we are recouping. Now they are going to say we can't do this but "yes" we can because their company HQ is out of our country the American people are not guaranteed safety, will our American customers have the best customer service or you (company owner) can pick up and leave at anytime if your HQ is out of the country, who knows who you are dealing with or talking to out of the country.
So yes the banks can now inform the companies with HQ out of the country that they are high risk and will be charged a TUD yearly fee. TUD will protect America in case of a harmful threat, terrorist destruction, poverty, and depression. This also allows the company freedom of choice because they now have the option to have their HQ out of the country with a TUD fee charge for our country safety or have their company HQ here in our country but pay the taxes.
Now the companies that have their companies head quarters here already and want to now set up its companies head quarters out of the country can do so but will have to pay a close out fee. Say the company paid 150,000 in Ly taxes and owes 100,000 this year because the company owe they must pay the remaining owing balance plus two years worth of what they would be saving so you have 250,000 minus 100,000 which gives us 150,000 minus 85% from the what the bank would charge so the bank would be taking 127,500 this gives the customer 22,500 minus another 85% from what will go into the renting of store space and misc items for the company which the will leave them with a savings of 3,375 a year. So two years worth will be 6,750 plus the 100,000 that was owed totaling    106,750 for the close out fee.
Why: For the protection of America, fees owed and close out fees. You say money is still missing no it is not because after the bank takes out the 127,500 the customer is left with 22,500 another 85% will be used for the business here in our country. This also allows the renter or property owner of the store location to ask if company HQ is out of the country. Giving the owner of the property a cushion net so if the company ever try to leave, damage the property or bring the value of the area down it can be restored or restored and sold.
If the property owner would like to restore his or her store he or she must put at least 65% of the money back into the company for the restoring of the business and business area. If the owner would like to now sale and move or open an additional location he or she must also put at least 65% or more nothing less of the money into a new location or second, third or so on business. So say the company with the HQ out of the country is left with 22,500 after paying the TUD fee now he or she  rents a store location for its business the renter now have the option to charge up to 85% of the 22,500 depending on the foot traffic and value of the location (the value of the area will be set up by the realtors and banks). 85% of 22,500 is 19,125 out of the 19,125 the renter must put  65% back into the company which will be 12,431.25.

This will leave the renter with 6,693.75 for his or her self keeping in mind the renter is charging 19,125 a year that is 1,593.75 a month. Now the TUD money 150,000 stays in the bank and gains interest of 1.5% a year after the first year this mean the account will now have a profit of 152,250 after that year and over a process of 5 years it will have a total of 761,250 keeping in mind the company will still continue to pay its yearly TUD fee bring the yearly profit to 302,250 a year ( 152,250 plus 150,000). The people now make money to spend and create jobs. I Ramona Lester have just help save America from debit, helped the banks, open jobs and businesses .
Ramona Lester ©2014 copyright

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