Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cell Phone 101

With today's technology cell phones have become a natural asset in one's everyday life. Some schools and work places do not allow students or employees to have their cell phones visible others not even permitted at all. Most people having a cell phone is like having a mini portable computer with access to local, long distance or international phone calls. The average person uses his or her cell phone as a tool for keeping up with appointments, checking emails, text communication, sending photo's, keeping track of time, entertainment, and so much more. The International Telecommunication Union statistic show 95% of the world population have a form of mobile device.

Technology changes everyday we went from giant cell phones, over sized computers, large televisions, don't forget the wall phones and going extreme the payphone to now having email, Face Time, On Star to even handling business transactions on the move. We now have faster transportation systems, and emergency services, music producers and artist have better quality of equipment and sound. The children in school today are a lot more technology advanced then the students 35 to 50 years ago. With that being said the students will be leaving some of the adults behind that are in the 35 to 50 year range due to resistance. People become comfortable with what they know example I spoke with a mother in her mid 40's about a crossword puzzle she was completing. Informing her that the same crossword puzzle she was completing could be downloaded as a application on her smart phone and played anytime. The mother referred me to speak with her child that is about 20-25 years of age. I spoke with two young children the next day both boy and girl around 7-8 years of age that already have their own social media accounts.The same day I spoke with a male teenager that was outside shopping, I asked what would he rather be doing he said online playing a video game with his friends, so my next question to him was playing with people you know or don't know the response was both.

Cell phones could help the teachers and students in a lot of ways. Children today are growing up with advanced technology learning at a faster speed. Most students would like to take a photo of the homework that needs to be done, implement the days off in school into their phone calendar or have school handouts emailed others via text to them. The employee that works will rather take a photo of the work schedule, have it emailed or via text, but most important they use cell phones to keep their life on track. Take the working parent for instance that works long, or mid-shift hours that checks on their child after school to make sure he, or she has eaten, done their homework or, if sick taken their medicine. Take the working son or daughter who's parent is disabled that depends on their child for help in the case of emergency, if the phone is on silent, or put away how would one quickly communicate. 

School staff and employers feel that cell phones are a distraction. On debate.org 82% of people say that social media has made us less social while 18% say it hasn't. Social media for the new age has advanced our social skill from local to national, just in a more faster way. Communication has evolved, the way of learning has evolved from opening up books reading to downloading audio books.  The brain is apart of the nervous system that works together by transmitting information. When reading the brain is doing multiple things at once "yes" you might think you are just reading, but your brain is working, your eye's and mouth are moving. Not realizing a part of the brain has stored information on how to spell a word, correct pronunciation, how to write and your own visual imagination. 

The cell phone, laptop, tablet even televisions have the internet which is a book, entertainment system and source of social communication. Times have changed, we now shop from our electronic devices. Schools using cell phones as part of the curriculum will  help to expand the child's mind for future businesses, communication skills outside of their neighborhood and more. Schools, and employers will be holding the students, and staff back by not allowing the use of cell phones honestly it is a mobile computer use it as a computer, the advancement of science will continue.

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