Friday, May 29, 2015


  I once told a person, I wanted to be famous, deep down I know he only thought of the word famous and the general idea or meaning that comes to mind first. In the spotlight, noticed the center of attention. Any person, I have whispered the same words to with the same thoughts would be off the fast track, wrong. A deep thinker would take time to understand the conscious creative writer, mentally compelled to artistical, motivative work. Some say thinking outside of the box, I call it looking through the glass technically the word. Others think or like to associate wealth with famous money, power and respect the cliche to the amenities that life has to offer. Recognition the term to acknowledgment well suited and designed for the famous word like icing on a cake.

Famous from the music perspective of Anomar is simple yet complicated. Take fa from famous this is the fourth note in Do-Re-Me-Fa-So-La-Ti a children's classic movie, The Sound Of Music. You now have a music note held captive in the word famous. Add the letter m to fa, the music note now changes to a abbreviation to the word family. Which fam is commonly expressed in today's verbal rolodex of words. We now have an abbreviation trapped inside of a music note and a music note trapped inside of famous. We are now left with ous meaning not empty, in deeper thought something must attach to it like fam, creating the word famous. The box is now open, but in my terms you just looked through the glass/word and found out the box is not empty, but it is full of my love for family and music.

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Your Only,
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