Monday, November 30, 2015


Ramona Lester

30 November 2015


Cheating goes on everyday worldwide. We hear it in songs that we listen to on the radio. We
hear it in conversations shared with our closest friends. We watch it in some of our favorite movies and television shows. So what makes us cheat?

In Psychology (Susan Whitbourne Ph. D. 2015) gives eight reasons why people cheat on their partners. (Susan 2015) writes on her findings, saying most people do cheat for sexual reasons, emotional, but least of the reasons was love. New York Times (Richard A. Friedmen 2015) states around 21 percent of married men engage in infidelity, and 10 to 15 percent for married women within the past two decades. (Friedmen 2015) connecting his findings to the University of Chicago’s Independent Research Organization, NORC. Business Insider (Shana Lebowitz 2015) writes studies show that cheating is connected with our hormone level and cortisol level. The findings show people with high levels of testosterone and cortisol cheat the most. But the more they cheated the more their stress levels went down.

Cheating is not only psychological, but hormonal depending on the body’s makeup. We were put on the earth to be attracted to another person. The love or hurt songs that come from cheating is the effect. The conversations shared with friends is the emotional connection, the state of comfortability of confiding. The shows we watch is experience portrayed in a visual form of the writer. 

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